‘Arrow’ Season Two Casting Update: Caity Lotz May Play A New Black Canary! [UPDATED]

If you read my Arrow reviews throughout season one, you would know that I have been anxiously awaiting for Laurel Lance to become Black Canary. There were just so many little nods to the character throughout the entire season that it seemed inevitable.

Well, apparently not.

Dinah Drake

It has just been announced that an actress named Caity Lotz has been cast as Dinah Drake, the Black Canary.

UPDATE: Andrew Kreisberg, Arrow executive producer, has addressed the rumors of Lotz being Dinah Drake saying that Laurel Lance will still become Black Canary and that Caity Lotz’s character is part of the beginning of that journey for Laurel. So now we know.

That’s right. Laurel Lance is out of the picture. As is Dinah Lance. It’s all on Dinah Drake now. But wait. Isn’t Dinah Lance’s maiden name Drake? Why, as a matter of fact, yes it is. So maybe this is another flashback character with Caity Lotz playing a young Alex Kingston? Nope. Why not? Well, because this new Dinah Drake character is being said to be yet another love interest for Oliver.

Caity Lotz

One has to wonder if there is a woman in Starling City that has not been a “love interest” for Oliver Queen.

I know it’s The CW and they specialize and some might say excel at the melodramatic teen/young adult angst, but come on. This is ridiculous. Now there are three characters in very close contact to each other named Dinah. According to various name popularity graphs I have consulted in the last five minutes, it does not appear as if the name Dinah has ever cracked the top 500. This is not like three Jennifer’s were in the same kindergarten class together in the ’80s.


The only possible reason I can see for bringing on yet another version of Dinah Lance is that Katie Cassidy is leaving the show. Surely they won’t have one character who has done nothing but refer to things specific to Black Canary for 23 episodes just stop and this new person take over. While it’ll be weird having such a big part of the story line leave, I’ll be glad to see Laurel go. She was only tolerable when she was set to become Black Canary. Now that she’s not? Good riddance.

Bad Boys 2 woosa


Okay, as apparently I need something to bring down my blood pressure that is getting way to high over a TV show, check out these new DC Collectibles announced at SDCC today as the “first” in a series of Arrow collectibles. Once I own these I can not wait for them to release a Black Arrow collectible. Of course Diggle and Felicity would be equally awesome. I think I’ll wait on the Black Canary one. Just in case yet another Dinah shows up in town.

DC Collectibles

 [Ed. Note: Should we add more Caity Lotz pictures? Yeah, let’s add more Caity Lotz pictures]

Images: The CW, DC Comics, Esquire,
DC Collectibles, Columbia Pictures

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