SDCC 2013: The Veronica Mars Trailer Has Arrived!

First things first, although everyone knew it already as we included it in the last Veronica Mars movie update, but Max Greenfield has officially been announced as Deputy Leo!

Rob Thomas and crew showed up to Comic-Con in style this year to talk about the still filming movie and brought along with them our first glimpse of the film. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is that Veronica Mars has not been solving crime all these years, instead she’s now some big-shot lawyer and actually hasn’t donned her private eye hat since last we saw her at the end of season 3.

Veronica Mars trailer

Be honest, how jealous are you of these Kickstarter backers who ponied up over $2,500 to be extras in the movie? Had I the disposable income, I might have considered it. But I don’t, so I didn’t, so I will just sit here, being envious.

But enough about these lucky people, let’s get to the Veronica Mars trailer.

Jamie Lee Curtis you say? Well I’ll be.

Of course as great as it is to see even just a little bit of the movie, it doesn’t  answer the burning question of why a recent set photo shows Veronica and Piz looking very chummy (of course, didn’t really expect it to). Knowing that the fans damn near rioted when Piz entered the scene during the series, Chris Lowell arrived to the Comic-Con panel wearing a “Team Logan” shirt stating, “I wore this shirt so I wouldn’t be shot when I stepped on stage. When I heard about the movie, I thought, ‘The death threats have almost stopped. Why now?’

Oh Piz, the fans won’t kill you. Just as long as you don’t end up together with Veronica in the end, I’m sure the fans will be perfectly fine.

Although I do believe it might not even matter if Piz or Logan or anyone ends up as Mr. Veronica Mars because this happened, and already it’s the highlight of the movie for me.

Veronica Mars trailer

YES! Gia (thanks to tumblr for pointing out I need more sleep) Madison needed that, for sure.

In addition to the trailer being shown it was announced that the Veronica Mars movie will be released in “early 2014”. Not bad for a movie that was just funded in the last few months.

Stay tuned for a lot more Comic-Con news today!

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