47 Ronin: First Trailer for Keanu Reeves’ New Samurai Flick

47 Ronin, the long waited and twice delayed samurai film starring Keanu Reeves, is finally getting its first official trailer. Newcomer Carl Rinsch is at the helm of this epic, marking his feature film debut. Universal has apparently went all in on this tale, putting forth upwards of 170 million dollars towards its budget. Aside from starring in the great documentary Side by Side, Keanu Reeves has yet to have a major hit since his Matrix days. Samurais. Fantasy. Badassum. This could be that major hit.

The premise is a fantastical take on a said to be true story of the forty-seven Ronin, which of course it takes its title from. The basic story is a group of samurais set out to avenge the death of their master, who’s life was taken by a ruthless leader. Sounds like a simple revenge flick, but from the looks of the scale and fantasy elements, this could easily be much more than that. Additional to Reeves, the film stars Tadanobu Asano (Thor) as the villainous leader, and Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim review) as his samurai servant.

47 Ronin

47 Ronin is due out on Christmas Day this year, right in the thick of other holiday season films looking to be in the awards hunt. Check out what is sure to be an Oscar contender with this 12 Years a Slave trailer.

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