Game of Thrones Casting News Regarding Red Viper’s Paramour

Last week we announced that Oberyn Martell had been cast and the pieces are now continuing to fall into place. The latest Game of Thrones casting news is that Indira Varma has been cast to portray Ellaria Sand in the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones. Varma is the 3rd alumni of the HBO show Rome to have joined the cast so far, following Ciarán Hinds (Mance Rayder) and Tobias Menzies (Edmure Tully) over.

Varna Ellaria Sand

While quite the accomplished actress in her own right, to me she was always be Zoe Luther from the brilliant BBC show, simply titled, Luther. She played John Luther’s wife in the first season and was stunningly awesome in every scene she appeared in…

Indira Varma and Idris Elba

There is also news of HBO once again prodding George R.R. Martin to start writing faster as many believe the show will catch up before the books are completed.

[box_light]From EW:

As far as I’m concerned, they can go on as long as there are stories to tell,” Lombardo said. “We certainly haven’t gotten anywhere near that conversation with [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss].”

That said, he also referenced that the show is relying on Martin’s source material, a planned seven-novel epic A Song of Ice and Fire, which still has two more books left to go. “I know there are issues with the books and catching up,” Lombardo said.

“Our line to George was ‘keep writing,’” Plepler said.

“Yes. Get busy writing,” Lombardo agreed. [/box_light]

Game of Thrones season 4 will likely premiere right around the beginning of April 2014 as that’s when the past seasons have launched, and based on the last half of the 3rd book, it could be a the best season yet!

Stay tuned to Grizzly Bomb for all the latest in Game of Thrones casting news!

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