Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – It’s Real!

When Paramount announced a few weeks back that a film was being made based on the Johnny Knoxville grandpa skit in the Jackass series, the question everyone was asking was, could the gag last for a full feature-length film? While that’s still to be seen, I can say that after a two and half-minute trailer, I can’t wait to see more. Borat-esque in its format, the film follows Irving Zisman, who is the grandpa played by Johnny Knoxville, on a cross-country trip through what looks to be a partially scripted, but mostly hidden camera type film. Directed by Jeff Tremaine (Jackass Trilogy), if you liked the previous iterations in the franchise, I think you’ll like it here, check out the trailer.

I gotta say, besides for the ending that is a hidden cam take on the classic Little Miss Sunshine scene, I think this could be a guilty pleasure to most. The kid, played by Jackson Nicholl, looks to fit in perfectly with Knoxville’s shenanigans, and is reminiscent of what Andy Milonakis used to do. Again, the ending scene seemed really scripted, and since it’s been done, I don’t find it funny, but the rest looked pretty damn hilarious. Hopefully, the latter is more telling of the actual film.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa is due out October 25, which could be good counter programming to Ridley Scott’s dark thriller The Counselor, releasing on the same day. Check out the trailer for that right here.

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