Sherlock Season Three Teaser Trailer…FINALLY!!

You want to see the ultimate difference between fans of American shows and fans of British shows? Look at the Sherlock fandom. There have only been two seasons composed of a paltry three episodes (granted they are each 80+ minutes) each, yet Sherlock fans are rabid. They discuss and dissect every aspect from those six episodes as if they are a lifeblood. They pledge allegiance to the show’s stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as if they were demi-gods.

Need further proof? ‘The Reichenbach Fall’ aired in the US on May 20th. 2012. That’s right, it has been over a year since the last episode aired and you would never guess judging by the amount of buzz surrounding the show to this day.

However, today all of our patience is paid off, even if just the tiniest bit. That’s right, it’s a Sherlock season three teaser trailer!

This feeling can not be put into words so I offer this humble gif in hopes that it conveys the emotions currently felt.


Take solace in this little tidbit Sherlock fans, for we have yet awhile to wait. Season three premieres on PBS in “early 2014”. Hopefully there will be more trailers forthcoming to tide us over.

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