Sunday Night TV: This Week’s Top 5 Moments – Face Punching, Rage Phase & the True Death…

There is real plethora of excellent television currently airing on Sunday nights as everyone rushes in to fill the time-slots that were held by Game of Thrones and Mad Men last month. What follows were my top 5 TV moments *SPOILERS ALERT!* from Sunday night…

Low Winter Sun (1.01) – The Kitchen Sink

mark strong

The premiere of AMC’s latest show (both set and shot in Detroit) Low Winter Sun, hasn’t pulled everyone on board yet but I’m already hooked. Mark Strong and Lennie James headline a stellar cast and if people are patient enough to hang around, I think this show will end up being great. The moment of the night occurred pretty early on as our principal characters murdered a fellow cop in a kitchen sink. Pretty heavy for the first 5 minutes of a series.

Ray Donovan (1.07) – Abby’s Arrest

Abby Donovan

[quote]I hate him all day, but when I’m drunk all I do is think about him.[/quote]

As usual Abby (the Irish Carmella Soprano) is pissed at Ray, and while out shopping with Deb in Beverly Hills, they decide to steal the $5000 shoes Abby is wearing just for the thrill of it. The foot chase is quickly over but it was a nice bit of levity in a show that doesn’t have an abundance of lighthearted scenes.

True Blood (6.09) – Newlin’s Confession

Steve NewlinSteve Newlin 2Steve Newlin 2bSteve Newlin 3

The former reverend and constant coward Steve Newlin finally met the true death at the hands of Eric Northman. Not a great episode (hardly any Jessica), but this was a well deserved death, because he is a douche. And as a final FU, just before bursting into flames he looks at his ex-wife/murderer and confesses his love… for Jason.

Breaking Bad (5.09) – Heisenberg Down!  [Episode Review]


Walter White is feeling a bit sanctimonious, months after leaving the Meth trade and seemingly set for the future, while brother-in-law Hank finally figures things out. The episode climaxes as the two men confront each other and the hobbled DEA Agent knocks Walt on his ass. Not a bad right hook from a man with a limp.

The Newsroom (2.06) – The Wrath of Sloan Sabbith

Newsroom - Sloan Rage 1Newsroom - Sloan Rage 2Newsroom - Sloan Rage 3Newsroom - Sloan Rage 4

Sloan Sabbith is generous enough to put on a little photo show for her BF, who immediately leaks the pictures online, jeopardizing her reputation and possibly career.  That’s when the best character on The Newsroom shows up at his office and lays him out in front of his friends. That was a feel good moment.

So those were my top 5 for this week. Sorry Dexter, gonna have to step your game up…

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