It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: New Teasers for Season 9 Move to FXX

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s 9th season is set to premiere September 4th, or about 3 weeks from today. To make people aware of this date, as well as the shows move to new channel FXX (the comedy half of FX’s recent split) they have released some new trailers, and unlike last time, now they are actually showing some footage from the season.

Here are the 3 longest of the trailers…

While at Comic Con this year, Glenn Howerton (Dennis) said the new season will include a Thanksgiving episode, Lethal Weapon 6, and an installment written by Game of Thrones co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss titled Flowers for Charlie. That all sounds wonderful.

You can catch the shorter teasers on their YouTube channel.

In addition, we’ve collected some choice screen grabs for you as well…

Frank Reynolds2 Charlie and Mac2 Dee ReynoldsAlways Sunny GangCharlie and MacDennis and Dee Charlie and Mac3

September 4th is gonna be a good day.

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