The League: Season 5 Promos Showcase Football Dudes and the Move to FXX

I know nothing about football. Seriously. I’ve picked up a couple athlete names over the years, and I can name a bunch of teams (both NFL and CFL) but really, I know nothing about football. Which says a lot about The League, as it has become one of my favorite shows on TV despite my lack of knowledge regarding their favorite sport. Funny is funny, and that’s what makes these following teasers amusing to a guy who barely understands them.

Do I know who these football players are? No. I do know they play football, and are known by the characters of The League, and damn it, that’s good enough for me. So while a lot of my fellow fans mention the appearance of this foozball star here or that foozball star there, I am more than happy to sit back and watch Taco be Taco.

Anyways, The League has released a number of short teasers featuring a bunch of football stars. These teasers are pretty funny, and are really driving the move over to FXX (much like the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia teasers). Let’s take a look at a few of them below, with a few more at Uproxx:

[Ed. Note – What my athletically challenged friend did not pick up on, the players who are moving, are doing so because they changed teams in the off season. Dwight Freeney, Greg Jennings, and Joshua Cribbs will all be wearing a different color jersey come opening week.]

The newest season of The League premieres September 4th on FXX. Maybe you didn’t quite catch that yet.

September 4th.


The League.

The League Season 5 on FXX

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