Orange Is The New Black Season Two Will Be Down One Beautiful Lesbian

Sad news today jailbirds. It appears as if Laura Prepon, the beautiful drug dealer we’ve all grown to love, will be returning to Orange Is The New Black season two only to wrap up her storyline.

Orange Is The New Black Season Two

None of Prepon’s “people” are giving a reason, neither is Prepon speaking out, but obviously there have to be reasons right? Orange Is The New Black is probably more popular than Netflix’s other big show, House of Cards judging by the amount of chatter on Facebook, Twitter, and various other websites. Netflix doesn’t announce any numbers so it’s all a crapshoot trying to judge these things, but just on buzz alone, surely these two shows have done amazingly well for the streaming service.

Netflix is flat-out denying Prepon’s exit. When contacted by Huffington Post about the story, they said, “… not accurate. Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed.” Right. Because so often things like this end up being incorrect.

Orange Is The New Black

On the flip side, Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky), Danielle Brooks (Taystee), and Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes) have been picked up as regulars. If ever there was something the world desperately needed, it was more Pennsatucky, Taystee, and Crazy Eyes.

Also signing on for Orange Is The New Black season two is Steven Culp and Lorraine Toussaint.

The second season is currently in production and should be making its way to your Netflix queue sometime in 2014.

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