In A World… Lake Bell is Joined by All Star Cast in Directorial Debut

In a world filled with summer disappointments and tent-pole flops, Lake Bell’s In a World… looks like it could be really good. Recipient of the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, and nominated for Grand Jury Prize at this year’s Sundance Festival, In a World… has received praise critically and its thus far limited release has proved successful. Starring, written, and directed by the lovely Lake Bell (A Good Old Fashioned Orgy), the film is about a voice coach trying to break into movie trailer voice over work like her father.

Take a look at the In a World… trailer here…

The cast is incredible featuring the comedy talents of Rob Corddry, Demetri Martin, Tig Notaro, and Nick Offerman just to name a few. One of my favorites Ken Marino (Veronica Mars, Party Down) is also in here, and from the trailer appears to be one of the chief obstacles in front of Lake Bell’s character Carol.  We also see Eva Longoria in the In a World… trailer playing a version of herself, and IMDb reveals Michaela Watkins (SNL) and Geena Davis as well.

Ken Marino In A World...

The early reviews are good, and the movie is currently playing in about 37 theaters. Here’s hoping we get a wider release soon…

In A World...

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