Ted 2 Confirmed As MacFarlane Tweets Release Date Window

Seth MacFarlane has been quite the busy bee as of late. Not only is he working on A Million Ways to Die in the West (coming May 30th 2014…hopefully) and executive producing the return of Cosmos, he also has another movie in the works. He confirmed on Twitter recently that he has an idea of the release date for the sequel to his hit raunchy comedy TedCollider had this quote from Seth who said:

“We’re aiming for a 2015 Passover release date.”

Universal Studios, while not as exact as MacFarlane, have also confirmed they have penciled the movie in for April 2015 (thanks to Screen Crush for the information). This would give one of the (human) stars of the movie, Mark Wahlberg, time to finish off his work on Transformers 4 (click here for more details) which he is midway through shooting.

Ted bong

With the summer movie season from May through August being the most apt time for most Hollywood blockbusters to come out, it would appear both Universal and Seth are hoping to throw a bit of a curve ball and get their movie in well before the big budget popcorn flicks arrive. It would certainly cut down on any competition the film would have had during a summer run. Despite the last movie being released in late June 2012, the franchise is now established and the audience is already built-in for a “non-summer” opening. With Ted making over 500 million worldwide, expect to see fans flocking once again to see the antics of the stuffed bear and his man child friend as soon as this film is released.

While we wait however here is a clip from the first film with quite possibly the best cameo since a certain Ghostbuster popped up in Zombieland.

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