Avengers Assemble…The Best of the Internet’s Fan Art

The Avengers have been a staple of the Marvel universe since their inception in 1963, but popularity has really exploded into a new stratosphere since the hugely entertaining and popular The Avengers movie. Now it is not just fanboys and girls who appreciate this great team, but non-comic fans too. Since the movie arrived the internet has become swamped with numerous fans that have shown their love by making some great pieces of fan art. With the sequel to The Avengers (for information on that click here) fast approaching we thought it was high time to look at some of these great pieces. Now obviously with the best intentions in the world, not all the fan art is going to be to everyone’s tastes and no doubt one person’s favorite piece will have vacated the list, but this is a starting point for any fans wanting to see some great art. So sit back and let Marvel’s super team wash over you as a gallery of the greatest heroes flash before your eyes.

Dark Avengers

These are images of the Avengers in a more sinister light, with the images below showing a Marvel Universe infused with magic. There is a World of Warcraft feel to these pieces of art, with the huge helmets and medieval weapons combining with the incredible detail of the art to show the super team in a whole new way. These all come from the mind of TheDurrrrian whose Deviant art page can be found here.

Cute Avengers

With the Japanese art style becoming huge in the last few years we have seen quite an influx of cute artwork (big eyes, smiles, etc) and this has spread over into the Avengers art also. Below are some of the cooler examples you can find online.

Avengers Parodies

Not just parodies but also mash-ups and generally anything that is pop culture related has been put in this section which shows just how inventive artists can be when they put their minds to it.

Traditional Avengers Art

Using traditional in a very loose way, this section is meant to highlight the more mainstream artists who sell their work through websites like Mondo rather than showcase them on Deviantart.

Weird Avengers

The final part of the Avengers gallery covers some of the more interesting pieces of art that would definitely not be considered the norm. Some of these pieces are truly inspired.

This is where we must leave the fascinating world of fan art behind us. Keep checking the internet for new pieces of art because they are popping up all the time and with the new Avengers movie coming up in the next few years expect to see a lot more of these very soon.

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