City of Titans: Kickstarter Goes Live!

When most people think of MMO’s they think of either the dark reaches of space or some fantasy inspired landscape. NCSoft had a different vision back in 2004 when they released a game called City of Heroes. With this MMO you could create the hero you wanted and go out and battle the forces of crime. To the fans dismay however the game was shut down in 2012 as they looked elsewhere to fight evil. Missing Worlds Media have heard the cries of the fans and have launched a new project on Kickstarter entitled City of Titans.

This ambitious new MMO will allow players to create a hero or villain to step out onto the streets. As with other MMO’s there is going to be a deep customization system when it comes to choosing powers and appearance. However, you can also customize your powers as well (example: you can arc lightning from a wand, your hands or even a fantastic looking gun.) But that’s not all as there are going to be tools available for the players to make their own stories. Then you can take these stories and share them with other players in the game. When you purchase City of Titans you will be buying the game and be given 3 months of a VIP subscription. After those 3 months are done you can still play for free and there will be a cash shop in-game as well.

So how has the response been to this project? As of the writing of this article this Kickstarter has 29 days still to go…and has raised over $260,000.

They want to raise $320,000 to cover the costs of the project and right now they may reach their goal in just a few days. And some of the rewards you can get for pledging range from a simple thank you to a digital copy of the game to designing a costume to your specs and joining Missing Worlds at the debut party during  ‘a major convention’.

City of Titans

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