Here’s Chucky! Child’s Play Star Invades the Horror Genre!

Curse of Chucky slashed its way onto DVD shelves last week, and as part of a very clever advertising campaign we now have the chance to see how Chucky would react if he got caught up in other horror movies. Below are the four videos so far that Chucky has invaded, and they are fantastic little shorts. Modern horror like The Purge comes under fire from the tiny ginger killer, but horror classics like Psycho aren’t safe either. Chucky has been inserted perfectly into these videos and in some cases enhances the clips from the original movies.

The stand out short has to be the Psycho scene which has a brilliant sight gag in it with had this reviewer chuckling. But do not take my word for it see for yourself.

As you can see they really went full tilt for the advertising of this movie, and no matter how it turns out we will still have these cheeky little shorts to entertain us no matter what. Curse of Chucky is out now in the US but does not come out until the 21st October for the UK.

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