Doctor Who Special – Wind Down with 6 Who Novelty Songs

So the dust has settled and that magical night is over. The Day of the Doctor has ended and that brings a close to the 50th Anniversary celebrations. But if you Whovians are not quite ready to let that buzz fade (or maybe you have been one of the unlucky ones and did not actually get chance to see the episode and want some boosting up before you watch it) then do not worry as Grizzly Bomb is right here with you and we have compiled a selection of some of the craziest Doctor Who songs ever to emerge out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. These quirky musical hits (or misses depending on your view) are the perfect way to keep The Doctor fresh in your mind. So get your sand shoes (little in joke there) on and start to boogie on down with The Doctor!

Orbital at Glastonbury 2010 – Doctor Who Theme

doctor who music orbital

So this is not exactly your typical novelty song I admit, but the novelty behind it is that Matt Smith himself turns up on stage to rave out with the Orbital crew. With its techno beats mixing in with the iconic Doctor Who theme tune, it will really get your feet moving and your blood pumping. Who can resist seeing Matt Smith on stage at Glastonbury? Certainly not I!

Who’s Who – Roberta Tovey – 1965

doctor who music whos who

We are going off canon now as we look at a cheesy little number from 1965 with companion Susan (played by Roberta Tovey). She was not a companion of the BBC Doctor however. Nope, she was Peter Cushing’s assistant from the two Doctor Who movies Doctor Who and the Daleks and Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD. Though Cushing was a great Doctor, he is not considered a Time Lord as he was a creator of sorts who had made the TARDIS himself. This tune is equal measures of horrible and compelling and is a product of its age, but it is quirky enough for you to warrant having a listen to it.

I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek – The Go Go’s – 1964

doctor who music the go gos

If you thought Roberta Tovey tune was cheesy, then brace yourself because The Go Go’s are about to turn your world upside down! Considering that the festive season is upon us, the last thing most of us are thinking about is inviting Daleks over for rum pudding and custard but The Go Go’s did! This is actually a parody song with the Daleks shouting “I love you” in a slightly unnerving way while pop rock plays in the background. Again it’s a song that’s awful yet strangely appealing and it does have that unfortunate quality of sticking in your head long after you have heard it.

Who’s Doctor Who – Frazier Hines – 1960

doctor who songs whos doctor who

Another companion takes to the stage but this time it is Jamie, The Doctor’s second companion. While Tovey’s tune is a bit cheesy and The Go Go’s is just plain weird, this song is quite rocking. The lyrics are pretty dire with lines like, “Whooooooo is Doctor Who” belting out for the chorus and the whole thing has a very flower power feel. But in the back ground is some great metal guitar work making this a strange yet great musical mix.

Doctor in Distress – 1985

doctor who music doctor in distress

During the Colin Baker years, Doctor Who was taken off air for a year and fans thought that this would be the last time we would see any time traveling adventures. So in true fundraising fashion, a charity single was put out (for Cancer Research) to try and keep The Doctor on our screens and alive in people’s memories. With a list of slightly famous people and Doctor Who stars Colin Baker (The Doctor), Peri Brown (companion), Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) and Anthony Ainley (The Master) all singing, it’s very apparent that this was never going to be a Band Aid classic. It’s pretty difficult to watch and most of the parties behind it have admitted it wasn’t the best, but boy is it funny to watch now! The Doctor did return but it is highly doubtful that this record helped in any way towards getting him back on television.

I am the Doctor – John Pertwee – 1972

doctor who music john pertwee

This all time classic novelty song had, for the first time, an actual Doctor singing his way through the charts. John Pertwee goes the William Shatner route of singing, with his monologue having some incredible lyrics like, “Through cosmic waste the T.A.R.D.I.S flies, to taste the secret sauce of life.” Okay so it was supposed to be source rather than sauce but boy did it make me giggle! It has all the qualities a great novelty song should have (cheesy lyrics, a catchy tune and a just plain bonkers concept) and it seems a fine place to end our musical history tour through Doctor Who’s world.

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