Tak3n Trailer is Out: Liam N33son looks PISS3D

You have no idea the joy I expressed writing the title to this article.

Anyways, just when you think his family members can’t get kidnapped again, or that a security system could stop a random terrorist from breaking and entering, the Bryan Mills family just can’t seem to get it right in the new trailer for Taken 3, also known hilariously as Tak3n.

As you guessed, Bryan Mills is leading a happy life. His daughter is not in the sex trafficking trade anymore, his ex-wife finally rid herself of her captives and the thought that X-Men: The Last Stand was canon (thanks Bryan Singer for the Days of Future Past reboot!), but of course, happiness breeds complacency and we enter into an action packed sequel that is supposed to turn everything on its head. Watch the trailer because there are possible spoilers going forward and I’d hate to be the one to ruin it.

So…that happened. It’s one thing to see a father and husband do everything to prevent the worst from happening to his family. But what would one do if you actually lost one of the things you worked so hard to care for and protect?  If Bryan Mills was a total unstoppable juggernaut when you threaten his family, what happens when you actually take one of them out and want to take the only thing he has left? The movie, which if you believe the trailer, will be the last in the trilogy so you know all the stops are being pulled out for this one. Plus, we get new blood in with Forrest Whitaker playing a police inspector, and Dougray Scott joining Neeson, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace for this final go-around. Plus this will mostly be taking place on American soil so it’ll be interesting to see how Neeson will do on his home turf.


So what do you think of the trailer? Is too much of a good thing too much? Or are we still willing to ride Liam Neeson’s career rejuvenation as an aging action star? Be sure to leave a comment below or on the Grizzly Bomb Facebook page!


Image: 20th Century Fox

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