Arkham Knight

Batman Returns in Arkham Knight Trailer – Ace Chemicals Infiltration Gameplay

Update #2: And now we present to you the third and final trailer shown for the game during the PlayStation Experience press conference!

Update #1: Here’s the second trailer featuring more Ace Chemicals Infiltration gameplay!

2015 will not only be ruled by a new slate of superhero flicks, it will also feature the one Batman game to rule them all – Batman: Arkham Knight. Rocksteady Studios is making sure its next open-world Batman adventure is finely tuned to perfection, which is why its release was pushed from 2014 into next year. While the wait for this huge AAA game release is hard to bear, we have some trailers to bask in all the while.

Speaking of new Arkham Knight gameplay trailers, the video you see above just dropped! In this awesome piece of footage, Batman can be seen infiltrating the infamous Ace Chemicals building, using his familiar set of stealthy maneuvers and untouchable martial arts expertise. Some of the newest mechanics you’ll spot in this trailer are Batman’s Fear Takedown and some of the new interactive elements used during combat situations.

Arkham Knight

We’re pretty damn excited to get some extensive hands-on time with Arkham Knight once it releases during the summer of 2015. Some of the confirmed characters who’ll be showing up in this new vision of Gotham includes the brand new Arkham Knight, The Penguin, Harley Quinn, Red Hood, Scarecrow, James Gordon, Two-Face and The Riddler. No one knows the true identity of the mysterious Arkham Knight, so the mystery behind this person’s true self looks to be a huge part of the game’s plot. Much of our excitement for this game comes from the additional Harley Quinn and Red Hood DLC missions that will be in upon release.

Arkham Knight

This isn’t the only trailer we’ll be getting before the end of 2014 for Arkham Knight. Two more pieces of gameplay will release soon  – the 2nd one on December 1 at 9 a.m. Pacific / 12 p.m. Eastern and the 3rd one on December 6 during the PlayStation Experience keynote. we’ll add those two trailers in as soon as they’re available.

Batman: Arkham Knight will FINALLY be in our hands and consoles (Xbox One, PS4 and PC) on June 2, 2015.

Images: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Rocksteady Studios

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