Jurassic World Trailer: Maybe The JP Scientists Should Just Stop…

Here we go again. More than two decades after the original movie thrilled audiences and terrified most of the kids in America, we’re going back to an island populated by extinct species.

The biggest movie of 1993 was Jurassic Park, pulling over $120 million more than the second highest grossing film of the year; Mrs. Doubtfire. This meant that a sequel was inevitable, and as a 14-year-old Jeff Goldblum fan, I actually enjoyed the flawed, but watchable 2nd movie – Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Then they hit us with JP III – which is far less watchable. So much so that it seemed to put the first nail into the coffin of the franchise. Well now, 13 years later, we’ve got a trailer for a film that looks like it should be better than either of its predecessors, and could perhaps be the first sequel truly worthy of the original. Check it out:

So, this time around the park is fully functional, and the kinks have been mostly worked out, but those pesky scientists have not learned their lesson. Bryce Dallas Howard has created a super dinosaur it would seem, and it’s up to Andy Dwyer Starlord Chris Pratt to save the day! On a motorcycle! With Raptors! It’s all very exciting.

Jurassic WOrld Chris Pratt Raptor Motorcycle
Chris Pratt – King of the Raptors!

This trailer is well constructed, and the use of the slowed down original theme music was a nice touch. Judy Greer’s foreshadowing about what to do if you’re chased is apt, and Sea Word type exhibit gives the park more of a real world feel. I especially liked the shot of Howard with the flare. It seemed very ‘Ripley in Alien³’ to me. And unlike the rest of humanity, I loved Alien³.

Jurassic World BDHoward
Bryce Dallas Howard’s Ellen Ripley.

The overall feel of an amusement park in chaos, and the shots of the crowd stampeding past shops and kiosks immediately took me back to my childhood and correlations to one of the best episodes of The Simpsons ever – 6.04: Itchy & Scratchy Land.

In 1993 I was ten years old and I stared in awe at the screen as dinosaurs existed before my eyes. Jurassic Park was a milestone movie for people my age, and I truly hope that Jurassic World can be the same for a new generation. We’ll find out on June 12, 2016.

Images: Universal Pictures

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