Pop Culture Shock: New Skeletor Release Looks Awesome, Plus Ceaser, Dredd, and E. Honda

Masters of the Universe holds a soft spot in the hearts of lot of fans, a show that’s forever linked with their childhood. For others, rather than nostalgia, it’s a case of exposure though the newer cartoon, the movie, and the DC comic series which grabbed their attention. It seems that He-Man’s world is an interesting one to visit indeed, so it’s great when we get news of some new Masters of the Universe merchandise.

Now we are DC and Marvel Collectibles fans here at Grizzly Bomb, but as everyone knows, they aren’t the only providers of top quality memorabilia in the game. Pop Culture Shock has been in business since 2008, but they have roots in collectibles market going back to 1996, where founder Jerry Macaluso’s skills were utilized by established companies such as Toy Biz, Mattel, McFarlane, Diamond and Palisades. Their latest creation takes the ultimate evil in Eternia, and makes it that little bit more awesome. Please welcome to the stage Pop Culture Shock’s 1:4th statue of Skeletor. There are two variations of the Skeletor sculpt planned. One is the standard version (which will be priced at $399.99), while the other is the PCS exclusive version (priced at $359.99). Both are scheduled for release in 2015. However pre-orders are available from the 8th of December.

Below is a gallery showcasing some of the superb craftsmanship that has gone into this piece. It looks just like he has leapt from the animated show and is now staring us all down!

This is not PCS first foray into the land of Eternia. They already have some rather impressive statues under their belt, one of which is a life sized bust of He-Man himself ($679.99). The other two statues that fill up the MOTU line is Trapjaw ($335.00) and Man-At-Arms ($345.00). The Man-At-Arms statue is especially interesting because it looks like he is doing one of his battle poses from the MOTU intro.

If we move out of He-Man’s universe now we can see another great selection of sculpts covering a wide variety of favorites. In the Mortal Kombat franchise we have a seriously ticked off looking Liu Kang ($355.00) statue and as future releases we will also get everyone’s favorite masked martial artists; Scorpion and Sub Zero. Sorry but fans of Reptile, Mist, Jade, Kitana, Rain and Chameleon will have to wait a tad longer for their statue representation I am afraid! Keeping with the computer game vibe, they also have a great E. Honda figure ($350.00) of Street Fighter fame as well.


Last but certainly not least, we have an eclectic array of characters from both screen and page. So we have two different Batman variations, Robocop , Caesar from the new Planet of the Apes films, and finally the Lawman of the future Judge Dredd (all with varying prices).

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for PCS in regards to the characters they decide on for their next line of statues, but at least we will know they are of great standard of detail. Be sure to check out Grizzly Bomb to find out more on new and exciting sculpts as they arrive.

 Images: Pop Culture Shock

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