Marvel: The Avengers Vault – A Literary Intro for Marvel’s A-Team

It’s crazy how successful the line of films based on the world’s most popular superhero team has been. We’ve entered an age where a ton of Marvel Comics’ properties are getting ready for another wave of big efforts on the big screen. It may seem a bit daunting to get into the universe centering on The Avengers, which is why author Peter A. David put together a book that will make team history easier to comprehend.

Marvel The Avengers VaultPeter’s newest project, Marvel: The Avengers Vault, is the book we’re alluding to. This hardcover tome acts as an inside look into Marvel’s longtime superhero squad, which is meant to bring comic book newbies up to speed on their past, present and future. The book’s main focus are the four most prominent members of such a grand team – Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and The Hulk. Before you become more acquainted with each Marvel icon, you’re presented with a look back on Marvel Comics’ origins and the creation of The Avengers squad. Reading about the fun origin story of a how a golf game between two comic book publishers inspired the launch of Marvel’s super team will grab you and push you to learn more. The first chapter of this book gives some great insight into what went into developing the team, the changes that occurred to its writing staff over the years, their biggest storylines and more.

Marvel The Avengers Vault

The four following chapters provide readers with great backstories on Marvel’s most popular superheroes. For those who want to get to know the heroes they adored on the big screen a bit more, these chapters do a fine job of fulfilling their request. Peter makes the task of following Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk’s most important triumphs and pitfalls easy to follow. Not only do you learn more about what went into each heroes’ creation and their storied history, but you also get to read up on the many writers and artists behind them. The addition of removable posters, color guides and concept art inserted within several pages gives this book even more value.

Marvel The Avengers Vault

The main members of The Avengers may get top billing here, but a ton of other characters that played a huge part in their world get some page real estate as well. David makes sure to offer up some thorough information on lesser known characters such as the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Black Widow and even Hogun the Grim. The presence of a chapter devoted to the many entertainment mediums The Avengers dominate, beautiful artwork from Marvel’s official archives, and an appendix section that covers the team’s complete roster makes this book a must buy.

The one knock on this book though is its somewhat short length. The Avengers have been around for ages and a book that compiles their historic Marvel Comics run should feature a lot more information. The purpose of this readable vault feels like it was meant to bring newer fans into the comic book fold. But its still easy to see how much more could have been contained within this book for more hardcore fans who need a refresher on their favorite superhero team.

We still want future buyers to know that Marvel: The Avengers Vault is an awesome read. It’s full of the more important anecdotes that Marvel newcomers will feel more comfortable knowing before the newest film’s release. We offer a high recommendation to Peter A. David’s wonderfully written and illustrated look at the mightiest superhero team of them all, The Avengers.

The book comes out February 17, and is available on pre-order sale right now.


Images: Peter A. David, Marvel, Thunder Bay Press

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