Batman: Arkham Knight – Newest Trailer Is A Fight Over Gotham

2015 is finally gearing up. Spring is just around the corner, and come next month a slew of 2014’s most promising titles that never made it to last year’s store shelves are going to start trickling into our consoles and PCs. Near the end of this long-awaited arrival is Batman: Arkham Knight, the finale to one of the most celebrated trilogies of the past generation. Rocksteady reminded us today of the Dark Knight’s return with a brand new trailer for Arkham Knight, appropriately titled ‘Gotham is Mine‘.

More than any previous marketing for Arkham Knight so far, this footage puts the entire Rogues Gallery on display, showcasing the return of Poison Ivy and the “return” of Firefly after his appearance in the non-Rocksteady off-shoot, Arkham Origins. This is of course in addition to mainstays like Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, plus the mysterious Arkham Knight himself.

What’s most interesting is a quick shot at the 0:16 mark where Scarecrow enters the frame followed by the Arkham Knight in tow. It makes the Knight look almost like Scarecrow’s lackey. This could be the case considering the plot revolves around Scarecrow’s plan to kill Batman once and for all. Arkham Knight could be his ace in the hole to finish the job. But while Scarecrow has shared some of the limelight as Batman’s primary foe this time around, much more of the focus has been on the Arkham Knight as Bats’s ultimate threat. Either there’s a whole other subplot happening in the game, or something happens that puts the Knight at the top of Batman’s boss ladder.

Rocksteady already convinced us all when they debuted gameplay of Batman: Arkham Knight at E3 last year and blew the doors down. The game is going to be huge. Any new footage they show is just icing on the cake while we wait for the game to release later this year.

Batman: Arkham Knight launches June 2, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Images: Rocksteady

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