Archie Relaunches with Cavalcade of Variant Covers

The iconic Archie Andrews is getting a relaunch after 75 — yes, 75! — years, courtesy of Mark Waid (writer) and Fiona Staples (artist).

Issue #1 hits stores on July 8, and features not only multiple cover options by Staples (pictured above), but 20 additional covers by guest artists — our four favorites of which are posted below (all images courtesy of Archie Comics). There is also slated to be a “Blank Sketch” cover, for those of you who want to pretend you are iconic Archie Artist Dan Parent.

While the art on the “official” cover and the variants point to an Archie that incorporates more modern design and sensibilities, Archie Comics’ Publisher & CEO Jon Goldwater was clear in an AMA on Reddit a few months back:

“We will harken back to the early days when Archie was born, in 1941 [with the] same sort of humor and visual sight gags, but completely new, current and modern. We’re breaking ground while of course respecting the storied history of Archie.”

The full line-up of alternate cover teams are as follows: B Variant — J. Scott Campbell; C Variant — Colleen Coover; D Variant — Tania Del Rio; E Variant — Joe Eisma; F Variant — Francesco Francavilla; G Variant — Genevieve F.T.; H Variant — Michael Gaydos; I Variant — Sanford Greene; J Variant — Robert Hack, Steve Downer; K Variant — Dean Haspiel; L Variant — David Mack; M Variant — Moritat; N Variant — Mike Norton; O Variant — Jerry Ordway, Jose Villarubia; P Variant — Ramon K. Perez; Q Variant — Ron Salas; R Variant — Greg Scott, Steve Downer; S Variant — T. Rex, Andre Szymanowicz; T Variant — Brittney Williams; U Variant — Chip Zdarsky


For the official announcement , check out Archie’s Web site here.

Images: Archie Comics

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