Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer and Behind the Scenes!!!!

Excuse this TV nerd but seriously, is there anything better than upfronts? Networks putting their best feet forward trying to impress marketers really does nothing but good things for the fans. Today’s good thing? An amazing first look at Legends of Tomorrow.

If you haven’t seen the season finale for Arrow yet, you might want to save this page and come back to it when you do.

Let’s get the obvious things out of the way:

Caity Lotz is alive. After meeting a rooftop end earlier in this season of Arrow, Sarah Lance finds herself emerging from the Lazarus Pit as White Canary. Now, I’m just assuming this is a departure from the White Canary of the comics who appeared briefly in “Birds of Prey.” Mainly because she and Sarah Lance are nothing alike outside of the martial arts. But, I’m okay with Berlanti and Company taking liberties with this character because having Caity Lotz remain part of the universe is not a bad thing at all. Plus, they created the fan favorite John Diggle (who, while giving interviews at CW’s upfront shot down rumors that Diggle is actually John Stewart) out of nothing and he’s a pretty damn good addition to the Arrow-verse.

Atom (clearly this is part of the whole “don’t watch this if you haven’t seen the Arrow season finale yet” thing) is alive! Not only alive, but finally gotten small. This scene shows that the humor that permeates Arrow and The Flash will continue in Legends of Tomorrow. Should a man whose mind, on occasion, jumps into and melds with the body of a hot young man on fire really be incredulous that someone could miniaturize themselves? Come on now Jack Bristow. It is a little mysterious that the Firestorm part of Firestorm is named, but not seen in his usual form of Robbie Amell in this trailer, which begs the question of whether or not Victor Garber’s Dr. Martin Stein will be a featured player or relegated to the occasional guest star status.

Hawkgirl! Seriously, I’m about as GIRL POWER! as they get so it was incredibly exciting to see her do her thing in this trailer. Even more exciting, for this theatre person, is seeing Ciara Renee make her way to television, outside of the requisite guest spot on Law and Order: SVU. She is a somewhat familiar name to those who follow Broadway, having played the Leading Player in the recent Pippin revival. (she is so far the third Broadway actor coming to comic book television this year, joining Laura Benanti and Jeremy Jordan who are in CBS’s Supergirl.) For those not familiar with our new Hawkgirl… here’s her take on Mimi from Rent. Enjoy.

Speaking of videos from an actor’s past, let’s just enjoy this one again.

But Amanda, why are you bringing up this fabulous Lablatt Blue Light commercial again? Well, didn’t you catch Tom Cavanagh in this Legends of Tomorrow trailer?

Reverse Flash in Legends of Tomorrow

There he is! Reverse Flash sitting in a time machine… I’m sure this will work out fantastically. The current Flash bad guy is joined by other The Flash bad guys – Captain Cold and Heat Wave – although they are members of the new team, not mysterious figures sitting with back to the camera.

When it comes to bad guys, I have to believe there was a collective gasp at this moment –

Vandal Savage Legends of Tomorrow

Fans of Justice League are familiar with this time traveling, meteor riding villain. It should be quite a ride to see him square off against this ragtag crew of heroes.

No, not heroes… Legends.

Enter Rip Hunter.

Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow

Oh Arthur Darvill, I can not wait to see the fanfiction the residents of tumblr come up with for this new character of yours. I’m sure there will be plenty of Rory Williams/Rip Hunter mash-ups. I’m sure there will be situations even my own somewhat perverted mind can’t imagine. What a time to be alive.

Of course, I think the rest of the Grizzly Bomb crew would wonder if I was on death’s door if I didn’t take this perfect moment to scream from the rooftops a fellow DC Comics time traveler.

BOOSTER GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean come on. Rip Hunter, Time Masters, Vandal Savage – if Andrew Kriesberg lets this perfect opportunity to bring Booster Gold to the CW/DC TV world, I will be heartbroken. This is the closest I’ve gotten to the reality of a Booster Gold TV show.

Rip Hunter and Booster Gold

I feel like if more people knew about Booster Gold, and how great he is, they’d be more on board with my campaign #IWantABoosterGoldTVShow. So, I went and hunted down a quick intro to the time traveling misunderstood hero.

How can you say no to that? So, everyone as you are saying your bedtime prayers, lets throw one up to that great cable box in the sky that Michael Jon Carter makes his way to the CW this fall. Or, we can just find a way to get Dan Jurgens to personally start making pleas to the writers of these DC TV shows.

I mean, as Andrew Kriesberg himself says in this behind the scenes look – “Arrow is all about saving Starling City, The Flash is all about saving Central City. This is the first show we’re doing that’s about saving the world.” I think Booster Gold would make a great addition to this team of Legends in doing just that.

Booster Gold or not, Legends of Tomorrow will be joining the 2015-2016 CW schedule at the midseason break. Plenty of time to formulate all those theories about when, who, where, and how Rip Hunter and his crew will go up against the notorious Vandal Savage.

Until then DC TV fans!

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