SDCC 2015: Lucifer Pilot Review

On paper, Lucifer follows the same rules as most police shows. Introduce the protagonist bad boy, give him an opposites attract partnership, add a bit sexual tension and let him use his “evil” ways for good. We’ve seen this show before and it has failed to captivate many new fans. However, there’s bit more charm this time around, and that’s thanks to its lead actors, especially Tom Ellis in the title role. Ellis takes the show, and the fans he’s about to earn, and runs with it.

Lucifer is an LA-based show where the fallen angel resigned from his post in Hell and runs a night club called Lux with some fellow residents of the underworld. He has this ability to coax the darkest desires out of people by staring into their eyes and  unraveling the truth that comes out, no matter the situation. While he manages to derive much enjoyment off of his ego-stroking ability to get people to admit these truths, there’s a possibility that his time on Earth has made him soft. The people of heaven have taken notice as well and wants him back in Hell to keep the balance of things.

However, the death of a pop star who had her big break because of him, and the murder mystery that revolves around her suspicious shooting throws the devil into action. He wants justice because she was about to head into the right direction with her life and there needs to be punishment for taking that from her. So now he decides to become part-time detective in order to get answers. Enter his would be future partner, Chloe (Lauren German). She’s a tough, by the book, always fighting for the good people type of cop with a bit of a past and reputation. Naturally, there’s a difference in philosophies on how they find the truth out but it turns out, they are a good team and a match made in…hell?

Lauren German on Chicago Fire (NBC)
Lauren German on Chicago Fire (NBC)

The appeal of this is easily Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer Morningstar. There’s something about the cheeky British that definitely raises the bar of a show. Ellis has the charisma that, while you acknowledge he is the devil, you can’t help but root for as he goes about his business. Lauren German also is a good foil for him as they have a good back and forth and palpable chemistry. Again, the pilot premise and plot of the show would seem to have a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor that could get old, but the actors make this show worth watching. The open itself that introduces Lucifer was worth it to get me to sit the rest of the 40 minutes to watch the pilot. The secondary characters are somewhat underappreciated in the pilot but I think that’s just a product of what the leads are able to bring and establishing them first. Although the DB Woodside (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 24) appearance as an angel seems a bit wasted but it’s still early.

Lucifer - DB Woodside

Overall, Fox could have themselves a hit come mid-season. I think there’s enough to work on and once they can flesh out the show and give it a long-term purpose, it could definitely be another hit for Fox that has a charming British lead (Sleepy Hollow, even if that did trail off last year).

Images: NBC, Fox

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