Fox Places Review Embargo on Fantastic Four, Shared Universe Off To Rocky Start?

Shortly after reports of Fox’s newly established cinematic universe, and a potential X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover, things seem to be quickly falling apart. It was announced that Fox has placed an embargo for all Fantastic Four reviews for a day prior to the films release. This does not bode well for Fox. Embargoes are rarely used for films and when they are, it’s usually an indication that the said film isn’t any good.

Fans have had doubts about this franchise from the start. While Johnny Storm’s casting by black actor, Michael B. Jordan was a controversy, it’s a small, misplaced concern in the grand scheme of things.  Dr. Doom was at a point rumored to be a tech-savvy computer hacker, and the universe itself took inspiration from Marvel’s Ultimate line of comics, rather than the classics.  Content aside, the marketing for the new Fantastic Four film has been as erratic as Johnny Storm’s temper. One of the TV spots for the film featured Kanye West’s , “Power”, while another TV ad was an actual Denny’s tie-in. When superheroes have been reduced to Grand Slam Specials, the world all the more becomes a colder place.

Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but it’s disheartening to see a team once considered, “The First Family of Marvel”, now struggle to find it’s place in an ever-growing slate of superhero movies.

first family fantastic-four

And if you thought that was bad, things managed to get a tad bit worse after word got around that Channing Tatum is no longer interested in the Gambit film. The irony here, is the inception of this movie came from Channing’s campaign to make himself a superhero. His superhero of choice? Non other than the Creole-born, card-slinging thief, Gambit,  But there’s no telling what the studio would do if Channing officially walks off this project. It’s a sticky predicament to be in, since this movie’s production was completely contingent on Tatum.  Even X-Men: Apocalypse, Fox’s strongest superhero asset, is receiving a wave of criticisms in regards to costuming.

Apocalypse next to Power Rangers villain Ivan Ooze.
Apocalypse next to villain Ivan Ooze, from 1995’s “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie”, also distrusted by 20th Century Fox…

More than ever, fans want true and honest stories being told at the hands of comic film creators

Images: 20th Century Fox, Denny’s, Marvel Comics

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