Deadpool Red Band Trailer! F***ing Ryan Reynolds! F***ing Explosions! F***ing Mutants! F***ing Deadpool!

Do I really have to intro this?
       You do.
Why? Everyone knows exactly what we are here to see. It’s in the f***ing title.
       Just intro the f***king trailer.
Why are we censoring ourselves?
       Oh. Right. 

Fucking Deadpool. The Red Band Trailer. Dot Com. Chimichangas.

The fucking trailer debuted tonight on Conan, where Ryan Reynolds appeared to promote the film. Conan actually had to change his shows rating to TV-MA tonight so he could premiere the official Red Band trailer which, let’s be real, is the only way to watch Deadpool.

The footage will look familiar to anyone who saw it either at SDCC or the shitty leaked version on the intertubes afterwards, though it looks like they reworked it a little bit for some other humoruous one-liners.

Things I can’t wait for:

1) Blind Al – His curmudgeonly roommate/hostage who is seen briefly in the trailer, played by Leslie Uggams.

B) TJ Miller – This guy is in everything. Which is good, because he is hilarious. He plays Weasel, and you’ve learned every valuable thing you need to know about him from the trailer.

Niner) Morena Baccarin – Because reasons. These reasons include sexy thoughts and Firefly.

4) Deadpool! Seriously, following yesterday’s trailer for the trailer, his fourth wall beaking merc-with-a-mouth appearance couldn’t have been more anticipated, and we haven’t been this excited for a Fox/Marvel movie in, well, pretty much forever.

What was your favorite part of the trailer? Is this actually the movie we’ve been waiting all these years for? Does anybody answer these questions?

       You are.
Don’t you start this again.

Images: Fox

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