Tucker and Dale Versus Evil 2 Confirmed in Development!

There aren’t too many horror films these days that make their way onto my must watch list. Sure we get the occasional really scary film like The Conjuring, or a bit more cerebral fare like It Follows, and of course we made no secret of our love of Cabin in the Woods. But today we are going to talk about another ‘horror’ film that has made it onto not only my “Must see” list, and then onto my “Hey, watch this” list.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil impressed us when it first came out with its limited run in theaters, but has developed a cult audience over the last few years, made up of others who also fell in love with the oddball horror-comedy. This cult following collectively jumped for joy at the news that there is a sequel officially in development!

At the recent Horrorhound convention in Cincinnati, Tudyk and Labine revealed that they had been in talks with the producers, who are currently working on the much-anticipated sequel. Though both Tudyk and Labine were skeptical the film would ever see a sequel, a recent email from the producers changed thier tune pretty quick.

We have an outline, we’re honing in on who we want to write it, we really want to make another one.

While not the usual concrete confirmation, Tudyk seems confident since the email came from the producers themselves, lending a bit of weight to the announcement. The stars of the film also stated they would “… never make a shitty sequel,” further proving how protective of these characters they are.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil deconstructed the typical hillbilly vs. college kids trope that we’ve seen so many times in mediocre flicks like Wrong Turn, or to some extent classics like Deliverance. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine play Tucker and Dale, respectively; two kind and gentle country folk who fall prey to these horror stereotypes when they encounter a group of college kids out camping.

tucker and dale boat

The film was a funny, charming, gore filled horror examination that took our first glance reactions and flipped them on their heads. Here the bumpkin hillbillies proved to be the good guys of the flick, with the college kids meeting their gory ends through hilarious misunderstandings and dangerous circumstances.

What the sequel could tackle remains to be seen, but we can imagine we’ll see more trope-altering, stereotype-smashing, gore filled hilarity with our favorite rednecks.

What do you think of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil getting a sequel? Let us know in the comments section below and join the discussion on the GrizzlyBomb Facebook page!

Images: Magnet Releasing

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