Galaxy Quest Television Series In The Works

To the fans who never gave up, and never surrendered hope, the crew of the Protector are coming to the small screen.

In April it was first announced that Paramount was shopping around potential buyers for a made for television reworking of the 1999 cult classic Galaxy Quest; a Star Trek inspired spoof that focuses on actors finding themselves in a real life sci-fi adventure.  This month Entertainment Weekly published exclusive news that Amazon Studios will be developing the project.

Since neither Paramount, nor Amazon Studios are spilling any beryllium spheres, there is no telling what angle the show may take or if any of the original cast will return. The film had a wonderful cast of actors including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell, and Tony Shalhoub.

Image: Paramount
Image: Paramount

The crew, who’s show has long ago gone off the air are spending their weekends signing head-shots at local cons when the last vestiges of a peaceful alien race, who have developed advanced science thanks to the television show they mistook for historical documents, reach out to them for help. The villain…this freaking guy!

Robin Sachs as alien villain Sarris Image: Paramount
Robin Sachs as alien villain Sarris Image: Paramount

What follows is, in its own right, one of the best Sci-Fi comedies ever made. So, how does Amazon plan to carry on from here. In the epilogue of the film audiences see that the epic finale, which takes place at a fan convention, has revitalized the series and the cast returns to the small screen. Amazon could easily pick up from here and, with as many of the big name cast apparently willing to return, they could give audiences a straight up science fiction television show. Alternatives, or course, are many. A mockumentary style show could both follow the cast (new and old) backstage, while they made said sci-fi show, giving a fun balance between the two as the movie did, or maybe a sitcom where Laliari (Missi Pyle as they Thermian crew member who falls in love with Fred) and Fred adjust to inter-species love?

While the what and who will be in front of the camera are still mysteries, the best news is who will be handling things behind the camera.

Galaxy Quest‘s co-writer Robert Gordon will pen the script and executive produce the planned pilot. Director Dean Parisot will return to direct and executive produce, while executive producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are both on board as well. Pretty good news for sci-fi fans when you consider the original won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, and the Nebula Award for Best Script. The movie was also nominated for ten Saturn Awards including Best Science Fiction Film, Best Director for Parisot, Best Actress for Weaver. Rickman also won the Best Supporting Actor Saturn Award.


Whatever angle the team decides to take, fans are hoping the end product will gorignak (rock).  Let us know what in the comments below, or visit Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page.

We’ve heard more from Amazon as they are Giving The Tick Another Shot, we did a Roundup Of Which Amazon Pilots Are Worth Watching, and you might as well check out The Best of the Genre: Top 30 ’00s Sci-Fi Movies for more from Sam Rockwell and Sigourney Weaver!

Images: Paramount Pictures

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