Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Trailer and Promo Shots

Season three of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC premieres Tuesday, September 29. This season will be used to further introduce the Inhumans, preparing audiences for the 2019 movie, much like how they tied into the Hydra stuff last year. A trailer for the new season has been released with clips of what is to come. Check it out below.

Things are looking pretty interesting. Skye now introduces herself as Daisy, she also chopped her hair quite a bit, possibly progressing to her comic book counterpart, Quake.


Form the looks of the trailer, seems like they’re trying to find and help Inhumans, but of course that can’t be all. We know that this season Lash, played by former NFL offensive tackle, Matt Willig (Terriers, We’re The Millers), is going to be introduced. Lash is an Inhuman with the ability to take energy from various sources and then emit it through his palms. In the comics he believes not all the Inhumans are worthy of their powers, and goes on the hunt to find all the ones that have gone through the mist and test them to see if they are. This obviously is a red flag screaming baddie for the show, and it seems in the trailer that may be the case. However, I wouldn’t put it passed them to come up with something new and crazy and far more complex.

inhuman Lash

Other things of note in the trailer: no Jemma? Surely Fitz is working hard to find her. Lincoln and Mack beef! And why didn’t we get to see Coulson’s new hand?

With the air date coming up on us, the popular TV series has been releasing promotional photos of the new season, and everyone looks just a little more badass, even Fitz. One look that’s got everyone’s attention is the new gear for Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennett).

Costume designer, Ann Foley, undertook the task of creating a new look for our beloved Skye/Daisy, to resemble what her comic book counterpart looks like in Secret Wars. Donning her new tech that helps her control the vibrations and her powers, Daisy seems like she’ll be doing some showing off this season. With the added flair of a “Quake” symbol subtly added to the back of this badass tactical outfit. This is probably one of the more intricate and thoughtful costume designs on the show. With Skye/Daisy’s new identity and the direction the show is taking it seems appropriate.

The promo photos of the whole cast have everyone looking badass like I said. Fortuantely for you FitzSimmons shippers (and everyone honestly), Jemma will be back this season.  Grant Ward is also hanging around, which means Jemma hasn’t killed him…yet. Can’t wait to see how he works into this season.

The Inhumans are obviously going to be a major part of this season as they were in season two. Don’t forget to check out the Extraordinary X-Men in October to find out what the Inhumans are up to in comic book world! As for the rest of Marvel’s TV universe, check out our latest update on Marvel/Netflix. And of course, tune in September 29 on ABC for the premiere of season three of Agents of SHIELD.

Images: Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, ABC, Spoiler TV

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