Booster Gold Is Coming. This Is Not a Drill.

Everyone who knows me, knows of my love for Booster Gold. Those who have to listen to me often, know of my very strong desire for a Booster Gold movie or TV show. Those people are tired of hearing me talk about it.

Well too bad, so sad suckers because for right now, I am victorious.

Greg Berlanti, who is surely on a list somewhere of people to be sainted, has been tapped by the WB to helm yet another DC property, joining his already impressive list of ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl. However, this time, he’s headed to the big screen.

That’s right, Michael Jon Carter is going to be a movie star. And he’s bringing his best friend, Ted Kord, along for the ride. But wait, how on earth are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle going to fit into the very (overly and unnecessarily) dark DC movies? Good question. One that won’t be answered until it sees the light of day, but for now it is being billed as “superhero buddy cop movie.”


And then my heart stopped from excitement overload. I mean come on. A superhero buddy cop featuring the best sarcastic, wise-cracking brotp of all time?  I can’t handle it. Now comes the wait. The painful, anxiety inducing wait. Will this actually come to fruition? Will this just be yet another tease in the long history of Booster Gold related teases? Will we see a glimpse of the duo in the upcoming Justice League movie? Who will play Booster Gold? Who will play Blue Beetle?

Booster Gold

Not since the announcement of a Captain Marvel movie have I been so curious as to who would play a character. We’ve done our share of Grizzly Bomb Casting Couch here at Grizzly Bomb, and I’m sure the guys are jumping at the bit to cast Booster Gold. For myself, I’ve been wanting this for nearly a decade so the choices have changed through the years. If it were announced today, I’d be hoping for Alex Pettyfer. He’s got the high school quarterback looks and has been in Magic Mike so clearly can pull off  a somewhat laughable premise.

However, a rather big name in the geek world has thrown his hat into the ring. None other than the great Nathan Fillion has expressed a desire to be Booster Gold. While appearing at Wizard World in Chicago, Fillion was asked who he’d like to play in the DC and Marvel universes. And he chose Booster Gold. Captain Mal wants to be Booster Gold. That right there should shut up all the haters.

Be still, my beating heart.

Depending on the story, Fillion might be a little old for Booster, but there will always be a need for some great voice work for his sidekick, Skeets. How about that Captain?

Fillion as Booster Gold
Nathan Fillion as Booster Gold (by Boss Login Inc)

There’s a strong chance this will never see the light of day. But for now? I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it.

Click away to find out how long an adaptation of Booster Gold Has Been Rumored, see more of Nathan Fillion at the CCI 2012 Firefly Reunion, and for more DCEU TV news check out the latest from CBS’ Supergirl!

Images: DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, Boss Logic Inc.

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