Prometheus 2 Title Revealed as Alien: Paradise Lost

The title of Prometheus 2 has been officially announced by director Ridley Scott in a recent interview. The sequel will be named Alien: Paradise Lost. Check out the interview below, which also contains a bit of news on Blade Runner 2.

Now, I know there are some mixed feelings about Prometheus, but at it’s core I think the storyline of “where do we come from?” is one that is worth expanding on and was developed fairly well in the film. The change in title from “Prometheus” to “Alien” seems like a marketing thing, as Alien was obviously more successful and highly regarded as one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. This will potentially get fans to go see it in hopes that it resembles Alien more than it does Prometheus.

From the interview however, it seems the story will stay in the realm of Prometheus, just fast forwarded some years, of course with nods to Alien. Ridley Scott confirmed in the interview that it will relate back moreso than Prometheus did anyhow. The new film will potentially explore who the Engineers are, and where they come from and/or how many other life forms they have created. And finally, if the Engineers created us, who created the Engineers? That final question makes the title pretty fitting.

I am all on board, I actually didn’t have as much of a hard time with Prometheus as many people did. A philosophical statement set in space with aliens? Count me in. No word yet on the full cast, but Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are confirmed to return. Be sure to keep checking back on Grizzlybomb for all the news about Alien: Paradise Lost, as we will be following this film closely. 

Keep reading for a bit more on Ridley Scott and Blade Runner 2, check out our Grizzly Review of Prometheus, or pick up Sideshow Collectibles Space Jockey piece for your collection!

Image: 20th Century Fox

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