Tron 3: Are We Ever Going To See It?

Way back in 2011 after the success of Tron: Legacy (2010), Disney announced at D23 that Tron 3 was set to release in 2013. Check out the article we wrote about it way back when. Since then, 2013 has come and gone and Tron 3 never got off the ground.

Reasons why stemmed from rumors about bloated budgets and unhappy directors, to Disney’s interference and so on. It was supposedly given the green light earlier this year and then shut down almost immediately after. No definitive word on the actual reason this movie hasn’t been made yet. Honestly, Disney has a lot on their plate and Tron: Legacy, while it was entertaining and visually stunning, isn’t one of Disney’s main tentpoles. Obviously comparing it to a franchise like the The Avengers or Star Wars is ridiculous, but that does become a factor when Disney basically owns everything.

tron legacy

In his recent press circulation for Pan, Garrett Hedlund told that he hasn’t officially been told that the Tron 3 project is dead. He joked that Tron 3 may come out like Tron: Legacy did;

“It’ll be 30 years, and I’ll have my young Flynn CGI face, who knows?”

Hopefully this is not the case as there are endless possibilities to explore: Quorra existing in the real world outside of the grid, and what that means for humanity. What mayhem ensues inside the grid now that Kevin Flynn and Clu are gone. Plus, Cillian Murphy’s character has real potential to be a great villain (duh, didn’t you guys see him as Scarecrow?).

Unfortunately, regardless of an actor’s enthusiasm in a project it usually comes down to the production company and money. While the brakes haven’t been officially put on Tron 3, I don’t anticipate seeing this hitting theaters any time soon. It is a shame, since I think this story deserves to be developed. If Fox can reboot Fantastic 4 a thousands times (and do so poorly), I think Disney can give us Tron 3.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see a Tron 3 or has all the drama made you indifferent to existence altogether? Also, in case you missed it 4 years, go read our review of Tron: Legacy. Or you know, just go watch it again because it’s beautiful.

P.S. Let’s not forget the Daft Punk soundtrack and how awesome that was.

Images: Disney

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