Hugh Jackman Chooses Tom Hardy As His Potential Successor for Wolverine

Try to calm down if you can. I almost started to type this article in caps lock. Our beloved Wolverine has officially chosen a potential replacement, and its none other than Bane! Thanks to an interview with MTV, Hugh Jackman was prompted with the question of who would he choose to replace him and he gives a perfect answer of Tom Hardy.

Jackman still has one (two if he shows up in Apocalypse) more movies left as Wolverine, and will put down the claws after Wolverine 3. Obviously the X-Men franchise will go on without him as it is one of Fox’s more successful comic franchises (cough, Fantastic Four, get it together), and they are gonna want their most popular character involved.

Tom Hardy would be perfect for the role. He’s the right amount of badass and kickass, with just a touch of vulnerability that makes Wolverine such a lovable character. While Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine shoes are tough to fill, Tom Hardy could be the man to take on the challenge.

Tom Hardy in Warrior (2011, Lionsgate)

He is a fantastic actor and has Logan’s funny bone already embedded in him. I know he’s been in very serious movies lately and his badassery doesn’t need much explaining, but let’s not forget that he was in This Means War in 2012 with Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon. It wasn’t a great movie, but the guys got the funny, which is what makes Logan so much more than just rough. It’s that touch of heart that every renegade hero has that is so endearing. Plus, you’ve seen him break Batman’s back in The Dark Knight Rises, right?


Fingers crossed Hugh Jackman gets a say in his own recasting. Now that he’s said it, I can’t imagine anyone better!

Images: Warner Bros, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox

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