Sherlock Releases Trailer for Impending 19th Century Christmas Special

Nothing made me. I made me.

Arguably the smartest, most well-written show in the world, BBC’s Sherlock is coming back – way back. The upcoming Christmas special (no premiere date yet) will take place in the 19th century, and will provide us with the first new episode of the show since January of 2014, and only the tenth since the show began in summer of 2010. For the math wizards out there, than an average of about one episode every six months. I point that out only to illustrate how well versed the Sherlock fan base is at waiting.

And wait we have. The last new episodes were nearly two years ago, and the fourth season won’t air till sometime in 2016. That means we’ll need to make the most of this one, confusing as the trailer may be…

So, Victorian era Holmes and Watson, sweet mustache, classic hat; and no explanation of what’s going on. And we’re totally fine with that. However they play it, be a dream or a story, or if they offer no reasoning at all and this just acts as a non-canon one-off, we’ll be happy just to have it back onscreen.

Aside from what we did see in the vague preview; murder, intrigue, gas lamps and horse-drawn wagons, we also hear “every great cause has martyrs. Every war has suicide missions, and make no mistake, this is war.” Perhaps foreshadowing the demise of a character we love? There is also some mystery surrounding our antagonist, and given this seems to take place outside our usual canon, maybe we’ll even get Jim Moriarty back. Wouldn’t that be excellent?


For all the questions we do have, it’ll be at least another couple of months before we get any answers. And while no exact date has been set, expect it to be right in the thick of the holidays.

Images: BBC

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