Marvel & NetFlix: Daredevil’s Season 2 Trailer and More Jessica Jones

Marvel’s line of NetFlix shows are taking a more adult approach than Agents of SHIELD or any of their movies have thus far. Their inaugural season, which featured Daredevil was a little darker than some people were expecting, and the upcoming Jessica Jones show is said to easily top that.

This past weekend at the New York Comic Con, NetFlix revealed the first footage for Daredevil‘s second season;

So the last 30 seconds there gave us some new stuff, including glimpses of Elektra and The Punisher – both characters that don’t shy away from killing, so we can expect a higher body count next year. We also briefly got to see Rosario Dawson, whom we knew was returning, but is still worth getting excited over anyhow. There still isn’t a premiere date, we just know that Daredevil will return sometime in 2016.

While we wait to welcome Rosario Dawson and Deborah Ann Woll  back to our screens, Marvel is about the introduce us to another strong female character we can get excited about; Jessica Jones. We’ve already shown you the first two teasers, but NetFlix has now released two more!

The first 3 teasers were all pretty standard fare, but that fourth one brings out a bit more of the story, complete with a voice over from Zebediah Killgrave (David Tennant). For those who know the story, they will surely recognize anything involving Killgrave is sure to have a strong psychological effect on Jessica.


And if what we’ve heard so far is true, it seems like some of the more graphic parts of the books are going to find their way into the show. According to Vulture, the show will feature some superpowered sex, and at least two instances of rape. You know, in case you didn’t believe me earlier about how dark it’s gonna get. Marvel Max indeed.

Jessica Jones premieres on November 20, or about 5 weeks from now. In the meantime, while we also wait for Sherlock and Rick and Morty to return, get your David Tennant fill with some Fright Night!

Images: Marvel Studios, NetFlix

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