The Red Drum Getaway: Hitchcock Meets Kubrick In New Mashup

In this fascinating short film called “The Red Drum Getaway” which takes footage from many Hitchcock films like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window and Vertigo and combines it with excerpts from a number of Kubrick films.

It’s interesting to note that the video contains only color films so no Lolita or Dr. Strangelove. Check it out below: [NSFW]

The video starts out by establishing the two masters with minor connections. We have Jimmy Stewart’s character L.B. Jefferies looking into his courtyard in Rear Window, and connecting with Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance from The Shinning peering  back at him. The video melds their two words,  It’s less parallel editing as it is “amalgamate editing”; drawing interesting visual emphasis between each director’s films by combining them digitally into one frame. It’s not until we hit footage from Eyes Wide Shut and the two worlds collide into some very weird and NSFW territory.

Not that their films have much in common on the surface, but both were visual masters, and often utilized their repertoire of film techniques and technology to bring their images and sequences to life.

Hitchcock KubrickKubrick and Hitchcock died nearly 20 years apart, and started their varied careers with almost 30 years in between, but the similarities that are drawn from this video leave a stunning and lasting impact on any viewer familiar with both of these movie titans work.

Simon Philippe, Adrien Dezalay, and Emmanuel Delabaere were the trio of individuals behind this briskly edited 4-minute piece. It feels like the fevered dream of a film nut watching TCM after devouring Slajov Zizek’s Pervert’s Guide To Cinema. In fact I’m sure I’m not the only one who has wakened from a dream that flowed with this kind of mesmeric pacing.

The short is pretty, hypnotic and filled with so many references you may catch yourself watching it several times.

Images: Gump, Vimeo

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