Agent Carter Takes On Hollywood, Faces New Villains

Mr. Jarvis, could you bring the car around?

From a movie spin-off to a fan favorite in its own right, Agent Carter returns for its second season this coming January. Carter (Haley Atwell), the ever loyal Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy), war hero Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), and enigmatic inventor and play boy Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) have made their way to sunny California for more noir crime solving action.

The shows newest trailer teases with action, and what could be a love connection between Carter and new comer Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin), who is billed as a quirky, yet charismatic scientist.

Ken Marino, cult TV star of such shows as The State, Veronica Mars, Party Down, Reaper, Axe Cop, and Children’s Hospital, best known for his dark humor, will join the cast this season, but not as comic relief.

Marino on Party Down (Starz)

Marino will play mob boss Joseph Manfredi. While he is the top dog of his own crime syndicate, it seems he will be more of a hired thug for the season’s true villain, Madame Masque.

Whitney Frost, played by Wynn Everett (The Newsroom, Supernatural), the latest version of this long-standing Marvel villain, starts off as a Hollywood actress and inventor. Whether the Hedy Lamar inspired persona is a cover or a new start to the characters origin story we don’t know, but either way Carter is going to have her hands full. Currie Graham (Pompeii, 24, Arrow) also joins the cast as Calvin Chadwick, Frost’s business man husband.

Graham as KING on Arrow (CW)
Graham as KING on Arrow (CW)

“We knew we needed an actor versatile enough to go head-to-head with both Hayley and Wynn, and Currie Graham is one of those actors who can truly do anything,” the executive producers said. “He brings a grounded, human quality to Calvin Chadwick, a complex character who lives at the center of Season 2’s intrigue.”

Fans might also be excited to finally get a chance to meet Jarvis’s ever patient wife. Lotte Verbeek (Outlander) joins the cast as Ana Jarvis for at least two episodes. No word on whether or not the character will join her husband on his trip to the west coast.

Verbeek on Outlander (Starz)
Verbeek on Outlander (Starz)

Kurtwood Smith (RobocopThat 70’s Show; Dumbass!) will join the cast as Vernon Masters. Masters is billed as a veteran of the war department and may well have worked with Carter and Stark during the war, though the character has not appeared in the comics.

Smith as Red Forman on That 70s Show (Fox)

Marvel has done a great job keeping the new cinematic Marvel Universe fresh and full of characters that casual comic fans might not know as well as the big guns. This approach has been successful with Agents of Shield, and seems to be working for Agent Carter.

Looking for ward to the new season this January? Let us know in the comments below or visit Grizzly Bomb’s Facebook page.

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