Marvel’s Gonna Bring You A Mockingbird

Do you love Bobbi Morse, as portrayed by Adrianne Palicki on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

While it’s unclear whether we’ll ever get that spinoff television series starring her character, Marvel Comics itself is launching a solo book for the character in March with Mockingbird #1.

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Morse, better known in the comics as the costumed hero Mockingbird, has been seen in Marvel Comics since 1971 (1971!) as a supporting character to Marvel’s Tarzan knock-off, Ka-Zar the Savage in Astonishing Tales #6. The character went through a couple of identities (“Agent 19,” “Huntress”) before appearing in Marvel Team Up #95 as Mockingbird in the summer of 1980. Her appearance in 1983’s four-issue Hawkeye limited series kickstarted what is likely her most defining period as a character: her relationship with Hawkeye and her co-founding of, and membership in the West Coast Avengers. Eventually however, they killed her off.

marvel teamup - Mockingbird and Spider Man

But, as is often on the resume of the best fictional comic heroes, Mockingbird rises from the grave, having cheated death thanks to something about being abducted and replaced by shapeshifting aliens, i.e., retconning, thanks to Marvel’s Secret Invasion crossover event.


Having been retconned back into the land of the living, Mockingbird has again been a player in the MU, and in March she’s set to headline her own ongoing title for the first time. Some of this may well have to do with the synergy of Palicki’s high-profile television version of the character. Regardless, series creators Chelsea Cain (writer) and Kate Niemczyk (pencils) are ready to hit the ground running.

Character sketches by Kate Niemczyk.
Character sketches by Kate Niemczyk.

Cain, whose bona fides are firmly established as a New York Times bestselling author of thriller novels, told that Mockingbird has;

“been really underserved by the Marvel Universe. She’s always appeared in other people’s stories, serving their narratives. So I love the idea of giving her a chance to be the center of a story and to really have some agency.”

The storyline, according to Cain, promises zombies, corgis, and the consequences of Morse’s medical history, having recently been injected with a life-saving cocktail that included Captain America’s Super Soldier serum. In fact, much of the book centers on Morse’s visits to a super-human medical clinic, and the possible intrigue – and humor – that can be found in there.

“There are a dazzling array of guest stars in this book, including Lance Hunter and Clint Barton. And of course we recognize many heroes in the medical clinic and I violate all kinds of HIPAA laws revealing their personal medical information.”


See, that’s pretty funny. With action, humor, and a great character to bring them together, this could be the title to watch for in 2016.

Images: Marvel Comics, ABC

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