Adventures in Romance: Our 10 Favorite Superhero Couples

With the release of the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we couldn’t have been more excited to see DC’s Trinity stand united on the big screen for the first time. And while this film will obviously focus more on Batman and Superman, we couldn’t help but wonder if we might see the comic relationship between Supes and WW explored in any future films.

These two iconic heroes and their developing romance have been one of the shining lights of the New 52, and it brought to mind some of our other favorite superhero couples, which we then of course had to rank. But what makes a great superhero couple? Longevity, fighting prowess, sweet costumes, one-liners… the list goes on and on. For some reason this criteria doesn’t work quite the same in the real world, but that’s a topic for another time.

So without further ado, here are our 10 favorite superhero couples:

10) Daredevil & Black Widow

DD and BWMatt Murdock, AKA Daredevil has been known as a bit of a player for years, getting involved with supers like Elektra, Typhoid Mary, and Echo (Maya Lopez), along with a number of civilian women.

The most high-profile of these relationships though, and one that we can probably all agree we would like to see rekindled, is with Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow. Their relationship even garnered a change in the title of Daredevil’s book to include Black Widow, until the two separated. They remain close friends to this day, and have had a few one-nighters over the years, though it seems like nothing permanent will develop between the two anytime soon.

09) Colossus & Shadowcat

Colossus and ShadowcatFans of the X-Men watched this relationship both struggle and grow over the years throughout many different titles and teams, seeming like the two would never get their happy ending.

It finally took the death of Colossus and subsequent rebirth to pull the two together in the pages of Astonishing X-Men. The death and return of Kitty Pryde and the possession of Piotr Rasputin by the Phoenix Force seems to have put the final pin in the relationship, especially with Kitty and Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord involved, but fans will always treasure the brief time they had together.

08) Batwoman & The Question

Batwoman and QuestionWhile this superhero couple doesn’t exactly fit on the list (neither were superheroes at the time), their relationship is one that fans of the pre-New 52 versions of the characters were hoping to see more of. While Batwoman has prospered in the New 52, Renee Montoya and her role as the Question remains a casualty of the reboot, as does her relationship with Kate Kane.

DC experienced some controversy when they refused to allow writers to marry Kate Kane and her partner Maggie Sawyer, who happens to also be an ex of Renee Montoya (pre-New 52), and while we loved the relationship between these two, it’s Montoya and Kane we are dreaming of reconciliation.

07) Gambit & Rogue

Gambit and RogueA tale of forbidden love that defined the two characters throughout the ’90s, Remy LeBeau and Rogue seemed doomed to hopelessly pine for each other eternally.

With Rogue’s inability to make skin contact coupled with Gambit’s tragic and villainous history, a wedge formed between the two that can seemingly not be repaired. Rogue’s total control of her powers may have removed one of the hurdles between she and Gambit, but certainly not all of them. The two remain apart despite their love for each other, leaving X-fans pining for the ill-fated romance.

06) Apollo & Midnighter

Apollo and MidnighterWhile Wildstorm’s (and now DC’s) Apollo and Midnighter may look like obvious Superman and Batman pastiches, they are anything but. Members of Stormwatch and then The Authority, Apollo & Midnighter’s relationship survived through numerous struggles and tragedies, eventually resulting in their marriage and adoption of a child, Jenny Quantum.

These two were a power couple in every sense of the term, and their characters were powerful subversion’s of the homosexual stereotype that was prevalent in a comic medium that was screaming for change. The couple is somewhat of a casuality in the New 52, though Midnighter will more than likely touch on thier relationship again as the series progresses.

05) Nightwing & Batgirl

Dick and BabsAnother relationship that fans never got enough of was the on-again off-again romance of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. The attraction began early on in both of their careers as the first Robin and Batgirl, and the love between them continued to grow as they did. The two were almost married once, while working under the aliases Nightwing and Oracle, but broke up before the wedding and never returned to the relationship.

Dick and Babs continue to have a close relationship even in the New 52, although their future together still remains to be seen, especially with Grayson presumed dead by the majority of the DC Universe, including Barbara.

04) Spider-Man & Black Cat

Spidey and Black CatWhile most fans first think of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, MJ was smart enough to stay out of the superhero set which keeps her off of this list, same with Gwen Stacy. That being said, Spider-Man’s lustful romance with Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat earns a high spot among of our favorite super couples.

The dichotomy of Black Cat’s feelings towards the dual identities of Spidey offered up some great story potential, and fans fondly remember the difference in Spidey’s attitude when he was dating the Cat as opposed to the various civilian relationships he has had. Black Cat was good for Spidey, but bad luck for Peter unfortunately.

03) Cyclops & Phoenix

Cyclops and Jean GreyOne of the most tragic relationships of the Marvel Universe is still one of our favorites, and will forever hold a place in the heart of long time fans around the world. The relationship between Scott Summers and Jean Grey started as a school crush that turned into a tumultuous saga full of death, clones, rebirths, and enough time-traveling drama to make your head spin.

While the original Jean has been dead for years and Cyclops has moved on to a life with Emma Frost (until recently), the ghost of Jean Grey still haunts Cyke and the X-Men on a regular basis. Having the teenage version from the past around isn’t really helping matters either.

02) Green Arrow & Black Canary

GA and BCOliver Queen and Dinah Lance’s relationship experienced a series of traumatic episodes that threatened to forever drive a wedge between the pair, but over the years they continued to find themselves in each other’s arms. They eventually attempted to get married, but the wedding was ruined by a Green Arrow impostor in one of those ‘only in a comic book’`moments.

The two heroes even shared a series together following the failed wedding, but with the New 52 this relationship was added to the number of casualties left by the reboot. Fans were hoping we would see more of this relationship with Arrow on TV, but they have remained unattached friends and allies in the series… for now.

01) Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman

Mr Fantastic and Invisible WomanThe First Family of the Marvel Universe is led by one of the most respected and long-lasting couples in comics, Reed and Susan Richards.

Acting as a shining beacon of hope in the sanctity of marriage, the two adventurers may have had certain pitfalls throughout the decades that threatened to separate the pair, but have remained a strong and loving couple in the face of such adversity. The couple added to their loving family with their children Franklin and Valeria, and continue to hold the top spot when it comes to our favorite superhero couples.

What superhero couples should also be on this list? Who is your favorite tights wearing super couple? Let us know in the comments section below!

Images: Marvel,  DC, Wildstorm

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