Homemade Horror Christmas Special – Horrific Treats For This Seasonal Time

Buying presents for friends and family at Christmas time can be tricky. Each person wants something unique and it can be tricky to get just the right gift. This can be even harder when your pal is a diehard horror nut. But don’t worry, Grizzly Bomb has you covered with this selection of collectible releases.

There are some old favorites here as well as some new sellers. Though not all of them are festive based, they are sure to bring a smile to any horror fan on Christmas day.

You may remember Gods and Monsters from a previous Homemade Horror. They have not slowed down with their awesome input. Among their incredible offerings is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre jigsaw which comes in a VHS box (priced about $30.00), Lucio Fulci poker cards in steel tin ($20.00) and the (possibly) final entry in their VHS banned collection top trumps series, Lurid Trumps set 3 ($30.00).

Phantom Video impressed me with their great cinema flyer reproductions. Now they have increased and expanded their store to include some great items. It Came from the 80’s series 1 is a great collection of vintage styled horror trading cards focusing on (you guessed it) ’80s fright flicks. These come in a funky VHS clam shell ($18.00). Top this off with some cute, yet creepy art pieces of every ones favorite slashers Freddy and Jason ($10.00) and some cool VHS based designed pre-order horror figures (hopefully released in 2016 when orders hit 20) and you can have yourselves a very merry retro based horror Christmas.

PJ McQuade has released more cards in his ongoing awesome series of Christmas based fandom Christmas cards. PJ’s work covers prints, Christmas decorations and magnets, but it’s his constant card creations that are always a joy to see this time of year. Below is a collection of some of his more fantastical pieces. Not strictly horror I know, but how can I resist covering Mad Max Fury Road Christmas cards? I am only human after all! Prices vary from $5.00 to $10.00.

Horror Décor has always had a variety of different monstrous products for sale and this year is no different. From cuddly horror icons, to smelling candles of terror and holiday horrors they have it all. Prices vary as does their output. I have hand-picked a few of my favorite pieces which you can see below. Truth be told it is hard not to be intrigued by what the “Never Sleep Again” candle smells like, if you have the money maybe you could find out!

Candy Claw have followed up their sold out release of Ernest with another winner. This time parodying The Muppets and The Puppet Master series with Muppet Masters. For $15.99 you get all these little beauties.

2 Buttons, (1 Muppet Master Button & 1 “Horrible” Horror Button), 5 Stickers (3 Muppet Master Drawings, 1 Candy Claw Logo & 1 #WATFOTP Sticker), 1 Heavy Duty Fridge Magnet (2″ x 3″ – Thick & Durable), 1 Can Koozie (Black with Silver print) & Candy (Candy will vary from box to box).

xmas horror 2015 candy claw 1

These are limited to just 100 so snap them up quick if you desire some VHS inspired art this Christmas.

Keeping with the VHS theme we have Rotten Rentals who have continued their fantastic back catalogue of VHS themed gifts with this new Krampus set based on the upcoming movie. These range from $20.00 to $35.00 depending on what design you decide to go for.

Strange Kids Club is a new website to me, but they stock exactly what I like to see. Mixing up ’80s icons with punk style artwork, their collections of posters, magazines and tees are sure to be a hit for anyone that was born in the ’80s and fancies some horrifically cartoony presents this year. Their collection of stickers offer some great interpretations of reworked horror characters for only 4 to 5 bucks. They are die-cast too, which when I first started collecting cards was a big deal, kinda glad that the more things change the more they stay the same!

Last but by far the least we have Cavity Colors with a jumper just right for the holiday season, snuggly and splashed with blood just the way we horror fans like. For only $40.00 you can snug up by the fire in your Happy Horrordays jumper which showcases some of cinema’s favorite slashers all decorated in that Christmas design style.

xmas horror 2015 cavity colors 1

So this is it for another year but do not fret. If you want more information on horror based collectibles then be sure to look for other entries in the Homemade Horror series.

Keep yourselves nice and cosy with this selection of Christmas horror attire and relax in your chair while checking out some great Christmas horror VHS covers to keep you spooked during the winter season.

While reading your Christmas comic book collection make sure to take a look at this awesome NECA Alien figure you can buy this December.

Images: Gods and Monsters, Phantom Video, PJ McQuade, Horror Décor, Candy Claw, Strange Kids Club, Rotten Rentals, Cavity Colors.

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