BBC Releases New Crime Drama Promo Featuring Luther, Sherlock and The Fall; PLUS New Sherlock Trailer

BBC is no stranger to quality television and crime solving dramas. Apparently they are no stranger to creative editing either.

With both Sherlock and Luther set for limited return in the coming weeks, and The Fall coming back sometime in 2016, the BBC put out a new promo featuring their three most popular detectives. Check it out below.

Pretty fun, especially for fans of all three shows (like myself). For those unfamiliar with these shows, The first two seasons of The Fall  are available streaming on NetFlix. The show follows DSI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) as she tracks a serial killer in Belfast.

A psychological thriller that examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him.

Luther is a bit more fast-paced than The Fall, and follows the controversial genius DCI John Luther (Idris Elba), who works in the major crimes unit, and must constantly fight against the suspicion of his colleagues, most of whom believe him to be dirty. This mini-return marks Luther‘s first new episodes since summer of 2013. The show returns for a limited 2-part run, and will co-star Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie (Ygritte). The first three seasons are available state-side via NetFlix.

And finally, one of BBC’s crown jewels – Sherlock.  Another show returning after a significant layoff (February 2014), Holmes and Watson will feature in a Christmas themed, Victorian era one-off special, before coming back for another full season (full season  usually meaning three 90 minute episodes) in 2017. The special, titled Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, will air, and play in select theaters on January 1, 2016.  Here is the latest trailer for that…

It’s nice to see the BBC recognize quality and do something fun with four excellent characters.

Images: BBC

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