New Batman v Superman Character Posters Showcase DC’s Trinity!

Three brand new posters have been released today, focusing on ‘the Trinity’ as they are known to most comic fans. Each poster features a new look at our main characters with their individual iconography to tease the film, which is still way too many months away.

The character posters show Henry Cavill as Superman looking damp and angry, with Ben Affleck in his Armored Bat Suit looking to sell mad toys, and Wonder Woman fully armed and ready to take the female superhero world by storm. You can check out the posters below after the jump.

BvS Posters - Superman
BvS Posters - Batman
BvS Posters - Wonder Woman

We’ll have to wait and see if any other members of the developing Justice League warrant their own posters as well, let alone any other characters of the film like Lex Luthor or the recently revealed Doomsday, who you can check out in the latest trailer below.

What are your thoughts on the newest posters? Can’t wait to see more from the film or are they starting to show too much too soon? Let us know in the comments section below or join the discussion at the Grizzlybomb Facebook page.

Images: DC Entertainment 

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