Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Passing the Saber

Tonight’s the night. After years of waiting, after the stress of getting tickets for opening weekend when the geekoshpere went on a bender, it is finally here.

For me it is so much more than a chance to see a return to the biggest movie franchise in the galaxy, it is about family, it is about tradition.

When the creator George Lucas came out recently and said that Star Wars was about “…all about generations” he wasn’t wrong. Tonight I will take my own children to the theater, as my father did before me, and I will share with them the power of the force.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was the first movie I saw in a theater, it was the movie that made me love movies…and ewoks, but especially droids. The night I met my husband I immediately felt comfortable with him because he understood my obscure Star Wars references. Star Wars has been a part of who I am since I can remember.

this one
Image: MemeGenerator, LucasFilms

Tonight, and these holiday weeks, families around the world are sharing an experience. It’s not just about the toys, though they are pretty freaking cool, or the explosions and fast ships, it’s about sharing what we love with each other. It is about families, Mr. Lucas, and for that we thank you.

I can think of no better time of year for this movie to come out.
T-Minus 9 hours.

The day was spent re-watching unaltered versions of the films to get in the mood. As ten o’clock drew near, the excitement grew. We were about to see Star Wars VII, the episode we were sure would never happen.

My 9 year old had informed me early in the day that she didn’t really like the movie, but was willing to see it for me. Good enough. As we arrived at the theater the previous showing let out. Loud mouth fans discussed plot points as I covered my ears and hummed to avoid any potential spoilers, and after staying offline for two days we went in to the theater ready for what awaited us.

20151218_005147_resized (1)

The theater lobby was a hive of fan boys and girls, all just as excited as we were, a rag tag group in the finest collection of Star Wars fan tees I have ever seen. We took our seats.

The lights dimmed and I took my sons hand, this was it.

On a hyper speed trip to take my daughter to the bathroom she exclaimed, once clear of the theater, “I love this movie, mom, I love it!” Her training was complete.

If I write much more I may not be able to contain all that I have seen, but I will say this; Thank You J.J, you done good.

It is my hope that you are heading into the theater with the ones you love, that you will cheer and boo alongside those who understand the power of Star Wars, and that this holiday season the Force will be with you all.

Happy Star Wars Premier Day everyone.

Don’t forget, if you post spoilers the Resistance will hunt you down and destroy you.

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