Lee Hardcastle Creates Most Disturbing Simpsons Couch Gag Ever!

The Simpsons couch gag is an iconic piece of television culture. From the Halloween spooky specials, to the star directed creations from the likes of Banksy, Rick and Morty, and others, it always starts off a Simpsons episode just right.

But no matter how many episodes of the Simpsons you have seen, you have never quite seen anything quite like the short we are currently going to view. Venture forth with caution my friends into the mind of Lee Hardcastle.

simpsons lee hardcastle couch gag 2

Lee Hardcastle has been a firm favorite of mine since I saw his Pingu / The Thing crossover video. He is a model maker and animator who uses classic stop motion effects to create his narrative shorts. But this guy is not Nick Park. Lee has a very dark outlook on life which he delights in sharing. Below are a few examples of some of his amazingly disturbing works. These are not for the faint of heart or anyone who is under 18.

After seeing all his work I thought he would really struggle to ever shock me again, but his latest work truly shivers me to the bone. He has taken the classic Simpsons couch gag and taken to a very dark place. Prepare yourself for the video below, it is something else.

The short mixes The Simpsons characters most of us have grown up watching with the plot points of You’re Next a 2011 movie which was a fun slasher / home invasion flick with a twist. Ironically the film is not as disturbing as this short!

simpsons lee hardcastle couch gag 1

Maybe it’s just that watching your favourite Simpsons characters be slaughtered on-screen by the normally lovable bully’s of Springfield that is too much to take. But Lee certainly knows how to get under your skin and this creepily fun piece is just the right thing for anyone who wants to bring some scares to the seasonal period. Check out the rest of lees videos here.

Want to see more awesome disturbing shorts? Grizzly Bomb has a collection of some of the Internet’s best. Unknown fan films also has just the right mix of obscure fan made YouTube videos.

Images: Lee Hardcastle, Fox Network.

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