Independence Day Sequel Sans Will Smith Blows up World with First Trailer

We Always Knew They Would Come Back

With those words, the first trailer to the Independence Day sequel had geeks hyperventilating in barely-suppressed “I told you so!” gasps. Fat fingers ached in trying to keep up sharing the video fast enough on social media. As of this writing, Independence Day: Resurgence has garnered over 16M views and 72k+ in likes on YouTube.

Several bits can be gleamed from the 2:21 minute trailer. Twenty-years have passed since the first alien attack, which was on July 2, 1996. David Levinson, who was pivotal in taking down the mothership, has been working with the presumed united governments of the world in preparation for a second attack wave.

The rest of the trailer then becomes typical teaser stuff. Ruins in the desert. Remains of people and…something. Cool-looking fighter jets. Hand-holding of two characters. A person who seems to be dreaming of the aliens. Military folks about to get jump-scared. People in jeopardy. And a humongous, cloud-cloaked new mother ship. Or as Levinson (played by returning actor Jeff Goldblum) says:

That is definitely bigger than the last one.

Speaking of returning, one character who we won’t be seeing in the flesh is Col. Steven Hiller (Will Smith) Hiller had several pivotal roles in the first movie. Speculation has it that salary negotiations and Smith’s busy schedule with the upcoming Suicide Squad film had him bowing out of Resurgence. In-movie reason, though, is a bit more heroic, with him getting killed while testing the Earth’s first alien-human hybrid planes.

human hybrid plane

Independence Day: Resurgence to attack theaters on June 24, 2016.

So you stoked for Independence Day: Resurgence? Or Smith being MIA for the film has you ready to flame the ID fansites? Regardless, let us know first in the comments below or join the discussion on the Grizzlybomb Facebook page!

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