No Redeeming Qualities: Pope Benedict Vs. Darth Vader

Grizzly Bomb is proud to continue our partnership with the  No Redeeming Qualities Podcast! So now Bob and Zipp are in their pre-New Year’s Eve mode and talking about the college football playoffs (Go Spartans!), the best and worst moments of 2015, and how many feet of meat Bob can choke down his gullet.

Episode 21 – Pope Benedict Vs. Darth Vader

Before hosting their lame ass annual New Year’s Eve party, Bob and Zipp sit down to reflect on 2015. What was the best meal Bob ate? What was Zipp’s favorite movie? What does 2016 have in store for NRQ? Listen and find out!

For those unaware, podcast hosts Bob and Zipp were former members of the Bam Kapow family, a site that became the catalyst for GB, and where many of our staff started out and met. Anyhow, here is the newest episode of the NRQ podcast, complete with on-air plug for the very site you’re reading!

Shit talked about this week…

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