Freddy Krueger’s Glove Appears in “Ash vs Evil Dead”

Ash vs Evil Dead has become possibly our favorite new show of the year here at Grizzly Bomb. It’s definitely my top choice this season. And it doesn’t hurt that Sam Raimi and the deadites keep finding reasons to make me love this show even more.

For those viewers with a keen eye, you might have been able to spot the glove of a certain villain who haunts the children of Elm Street during the show’s season finale.


That’s right, that’s none other than the murder weapon of the big man Freddy Krueger himself, back on prime time, Bitch! Some of you may be confused as to why this Easter egg would be included, so we’re gonna go over a little bit of history.

In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Nancy falls asleep at one point while watching a movie. That movie just happened to be The Evil Dead, an homage of respect from director Wes Craven toward Sam Raimi and his film. In response, Raimi included a shot of Freddy’s glove in his sequel, Evil Dead II. 


It’s been a fan favorite bit of trivia and speculation ever since; I can remember catching it as a kid and wondering to myself how their two universes could possibly intertwine. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one. There are a couple of series of comics; Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, taking place after the events of Freddy vs. Jason, and Army of Darkness, that feature Ash squaring off with Freddy (and Jason). The first six-issue series finished up in 2008, and then a six-part sequel followed a couple of years later. The idea for the books original came from a script treatment that never made it to filming.


Now that we’re all caught up, it seems that Raimi intends to revive this tradition, or at the very least just felt like it would be a nice nod to the die-hard fans. The glove does seem to be missing its signature razors for some unknown reason, but hey, I enjoy it all the same. I have no doubt that this is one of many pleasant surprises to come; maybe we’ll even see some old characters show up. Bobby-joe? BOBBY-JOE?!

Images: Starz, New Line Cinema, 
Dynamite Entertainment, Rosebud Releasing

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