Win the Game Of Thrones Experience of a Lifetime

Game of Thrones has partnered up with Omaze and (RED) to help in the war against AIDS. A little while ago I wrote about Rick and Morty creators doing the same thing, and it seems the support is spreading to higher and probably more popular shows.


Not only is this a great way to help donate to a great organization, but you could win some really awesome stuff like action figures and signed posters. Check out all the possible prizes on the Omaze website. However, the prize that really takes the cake is of course the Game of Thrones Experience which will let you visit the set in Ireland… AND SIT ON THE IRON THRONE.

Here are the full details from the website.

Wish you were in Westeros? Think you have the rightful claim to the Iron Throne? Here’s your chance to prove it. You and a friend are invited to go behind-the-scenes on the set of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland. Not only will you see firsthand where the blacksmiths make the swords, axes, and other weapons, but you’ll also get to feast your eyes on the custom-made costumes up-close. After your exclusive tour, you’ll be given the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne. If you dare. Hotel and flights to Belfast, Northern Ireland included. It’ll be legendary. One word of advice? Watch out for dragons on your flight in.

iron throne

AWESOME, RIGHT? All you have to do is throw in $10 and your entered to win this sweet sweet prize. Of course if you donate more you also get a chance at all the other really cool, valuable things on the site, but c’mon, nothing beats the throne.

Images: Omaze, (RED), HBO


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