Here’s Poultry! Welcome To The Crazy World Of The Chickening!

I’ve seen many a crazy mash-up video in my time. Heck I actively seek them out when on YouTube. Mad Max: Fury Road is just as fun as a Mario Kart adaptation as it is an actual movie. Okay maybe not, but it is clearly very inventive and a heck of a lot of fun. So when I saw on the website Geek Tyrant that there was a mashup of The Shining involving chickens I knew I needed to get in on that. Boy am I glad I did because this is a David Lynch level of oddness that requires multiple viewings to really get a handle on what the flip is going on!

There is so many elements to this video it’s hard to keep track of them all. My personal favorite is the morphing of jack into a monstrous chicken, which goes on the rampage! The rapping sisters are certainly a laugh riot too. I have not quite been able to break down all the elements of this short, but multiple viewings of this and finding the hidden gems still left in there is all part of the fun. 

the chickening poster

So creator Nick DenBoer has created a fowl piece of entertainment which will entertain and bewilder you in equal measure. But how did he go about making it in the first place? Birthmoviesdeath managed to snag an interview with Nick which you can see part of below;

Why chicken? I grew up on a chicken farm and then worked in my dad’s poultry butcher shop until I was 17, de-boning and slingin’ chicken carcasses. You can’t shake that shit.

My co-director Davy Force and I have been talking about doing this mega, next-level film remix for years and we finally had some free time last March to bust it out. We’re both animators/vfx artists/remixers and we have collaborated on a lot of similar projects, so this came together pretty naturally. The Chickening is a proof of concept we made to pitch around to studios, namely Warner Bros (hence The Shining) in a bid to create a series where every episode is a different remixed classic film. It’s a lot of fun to do and we think it’s got a lot of viral potential, but obviously there’s a lot of red tape in acquiring and regurgitating Hollywood’s sacred cows.

There’s lots you probably missed the first time through. Maybe the pictures of ISIS on the wall behind Jack in the office, or the box of chicken-flavored condoms, or the pile of Tommy Wiseau references. This thing is loaded with Easter eggs and designed to be watched a bunch of times, so you’ll keep seeing new details. Kubrick was like that with all the details, too, and we think – although we sort of defaced his film – that we are still paying homage to a great piece of cinema. We wanted every still of this thing to have a WTF vibe.

So there you have it an ode to Kubrick and a celebration of chickens all in one video. If you want to see more The Shining articles right here.

Images: Warner Brothers, Nick DenBoer

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